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Larry Mantle

When Larry Mantle talks, Los Angeles listens. When Angelenos listen, they are entertained, informed, intrigued, and stimulated. Larry has been the host of KPCC’s AirTalk since 1985, the longest running daily talk program in the Los Angeles market. Larry is an eminently charming only child who possesses a global intelligence. He has a unique ability(…)

Jessica Bendinger

Hollywood powerhouse screenwriter/director/producer – and only child – Jessica Bendinger (Stick It, Bring It On) recently added another title to her credits: author. Her young adult novel The Seven Rays – a paranormal coming-of-age story that delves into love, friendship, family, and the supernatural. Jessica has what she calls a “coming of consciousness” theme in(…)


Shirley and Steve O’Conner are the devoted parents of Charlotte, who is everything they ever hoped for. Having an only child feels both philosophically and physically right to them. Every once in a while a family member or friend will try to plant a seed of doubt, but as longtime practitioners of Yoga, Shirley and(…)


Jennifer Niesslein, Editor at Large ~ Co-founder of Brain, Child magazine, and her husband have one child. “It’s not something I make a fuss over because, to be honest, we don’t have big reasons, philosophical, environmental or medical, for holding the line at one kid. Also, when you make the decision not to do something,(…)


Ben’s parents divorced when he was eleven, and he and his mother have been a team ever since. Ben recently completed his first year at Yale and is spending this summer and next year at Beijing University in a Chinese language immersion program. His dream is to work at the Olympics in China in 2008.(…)


Robin and Kevin are part of the world of adoption in different ways. Kevin is an adoptee while Robin and her husband are parents of an adopted only child. While Kevin and Robin bring different points of view to the adoption process, both understand that adoption offers tremendous rewards but also requires special considerations. Kevin(…)


Shelly, Josh, and Amy were raised by single parents who struggled in different ways to meet the demands of raising a child on their own. Shelly and Josh had very involved mothers. Amy was raised by a father who was physically present but emotionally absent. While the life experiences of these three have been different,(…)


For Steve and Michele Bohannon, adoption was the best route to the family they wanted. They saw how many children needed loving homes and opened their hearts to their only child Sarah. When they started to think about the possibilities of adopting another, however, they were of two minds and ultimately decided that their family(…)


The Miller family lives two blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood. Dispossessed by that cataclysmic event, they ended up living together for months in a hotel room even smaller than the smallest New York apartment. Their ability to get along together and make important compromises is a testament to their love for(…)


Every family has its challenges. For Will and Wendi, the biggest hurdle was becoming a family in the first place. When they finally had their son Landon, it seemed miraculous. They adore their son but try not to treat him any differently than if they had more than one. *To read full article purchase Only(…)