Writer and only child Max Brooks came into his own when he won an Emmy for his work on Saturday Night Live. Being funny is natural for Max, who is the son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft. What didn’t come as naturally was convincing his parents that it was necessary for him to become(…)


Jessica Youd grew up happy to be an only child. She had a close relationship with her parents and enjoyed their attention. People think that only children are too self-centered to make good parents should get to know Jessica. Today she is the mother of three who credits being an only child with the stamina(…)


Bill Lane has had an enviable life as an only child. He is a sought-after interior designer who has decorated the homes and offices of some of this country’s most high-profile people. Bill’s parents were loving and supportive without being overly involved. As a result, Bill grew up to be a confident person who used(…)


Kirsten Smith is one of the youngest and most successful screenwriters in Hollywood. An only child whose parents nurtured her independent spirit, Kirsten and her writing partner, Karen McCullah Lutz, have created screen magic with 10 Things I Hate About You and last summer’s huge hit Legally Blonde. Kirsten tells us how being an only(…)


Twenty-two-year-old Joe Reegan is an only child who was raised by a single mother. Joe recently graduated from college with a major in finance, but he has no intentions of becoming an investment banker. That’s just too safe for him. Instead, he hopes to make it as an actor. Totally focused on his goal, Joe(…)


Born in 1978 just after the Chinese government began its one child per family campaign, Lynn overcame a difficult childhood and adolescence to become a confident, outspoken young woman. Her strong desire to help others has inspired her to become a doctor, Lynn maintains that only-child determination has been a significant factor in her success.(…)


Ira Wohl is a psychoanalyst and filmmaker who won an Oscar in 1979 for his film Best Boy, a documentary about his then 52-year-old cousin Philly. Ira’s only-child independence has been the catalyst for a creative life that centers around understanding human behavior. *To read full article purchase Only Child Vol. 4 No. 4.


Susan Newman is a social psychologist who teaches at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She holds a Ph.D. in social psychology and is the author of “Parenting An Only Child” and ten other books including, “Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Everyday” and “It Won’t Happen To Me: True Stories of Teen(…)


David Yoshimaru is an only child who grew up navigating between two worlds. Ultimately he had to separate from his family in order to determine his own fate. Being an only child helped him establish his independence. *To read full article purchase Only Child Vol. 4 No. 2.


There is nothing stereotypical about college student Michelle LeTourneau. Our interview with her reveals an only child who is loving, outgoing, and thoroughly committed to her family. This is a girl who accepts great responsibilities but still knows how to have fun. She is secure and fearless, qualities we would like all children to have(…)