Unselfish Acts of Famous Only Children

Pierce Brosnan

Environmental and charitable work Pierce Brosnan has been an Ambassador for UNICEF Ireland since 2001 and recorded a special announcement to mark the launch of UNICEF’s “Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS” Campaign with Liam Neeson. Brosnan supported John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election and is a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage. Brosnan first became aware of nuclear disarmament at the age of nine when(…)

Eli Broad

Philanthropy Eli and Edythe Broad are the founders of The Broad Foundations,with the mission of advancing entrepreneurship for the public good in education, science and the arts. In doing this, the foundation focuses on the arts and culture in Southern California, championing the revitalization of downtown Los Angeles, and reforming K-12 public education across the United(…)