Only Child Magazine Vol 1 No 1

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  • Interview with Eleanor Leanse
  • How Not to Raise a Spoiled Only Child
  • Bookmarks: Here I Am, An Only Child
  • Money Talks!
  • Pressure Points
  • When Will We Be There?
  • Fight The Good Fight
  • You’ve Got to Have Friends


Volume 1, Number 1
INTERVIEW WITH ELEANOR LEANSE: A successful interior designer in Los Angeles, Eleanor was eager to talk about being an only child. She had a privileged childhood, but in her mid-forties, became the sole caregiver for her mother who suffered from depression and senile dementia.

HOW NOT TO RAISE A SPOILED ONLY CHILD: When we talk with only children and ask what they like least about being an only child, one universal response is that they simply hate being called spoiled. But the truth is that sometimes they are, and whose fault is that?

BOOKMARKS: “Here I am, an only child. I ask you, is it fair?” This question, posed by the little boy in Marlene Fanta Shyer’s book, Here I Am, An Only Child, isn’t answered until the conclusion.

MONEY TALKS! -A professional financial planner offers excellent advice about making plans for your child’s future if you are not around.

PRESSURE POINTS: “When I walk into your room and see your clothes lying on the floor I don’t ever want to buy you anything again.” “Isn’t it time for you to practice your music?” “Have you finished your homework?” “Didn’t I tell you to empty the dishwasher?” All parents say these things, over and over. So, what’s new? What’s the difference about saying them to an only child? The difference is that as the parent of an only one, you can’t forget. You aren’t distracted by what the other kids are doing, so your short-term memory isn’t shot. And the only child has no place to hide and no one else to blame.

WHEN WILL WE BE THERE?: Preparing to take a trip with an only child lies somewhere between getting ready for a wilderness trek and education by fear. You want to be ready for all eventualities and you are so terrified of the whine, “How soon will we be there? I’m bored.” that your impulse is to buy, do, create anything to avoid that horrible eventuality. I always envied parents who traveled with more than one child, and I told them so. They glared at me as if I were an ax-murderer.

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT: What kind of parents would allow themselves to be treated like their child’s sister or brother? The parents of only children.

YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE FRIENDS: All kids have special friends, but ONLY kids often form attachments to other children that are deeper, more lasting and complex than most childrens’ friendships with one another.