Only Child Magazine Vol 1 No 3

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  • Interview with Doug & Clare Barr
  • Bookmarks: The Mother Daughter Book Club
  • Money Talks!
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Siamese – The Big Talker
  • Adult Only Children and Stress
  • Get Involved! Mentoring


INTERVIEW WITH DOUG & CLARE BARR: Doug, a successful actor (You’ve seen him on “Designing Women,” “The Fall Guy”) turned writer/director, and his wife Clare, also a critically acclaimed actress and artist, speak frankly about raising their only child, Willie.

BOOKMARKS:The Mother Daughter Book Club, How Ten Busy Mothers and Daughters Came Together to Talk, Laugh, and Learn Through Their Love of Reading , by Shireen Dodson, is an anecdotal and structured account of how Shireen Dodson, and her 11-year-old daughter learned to talk to each other through an exploration of literature. Along the way, ten neighboring mothers and their daughters became involved.

MONEY TALKS! — A professional financial planner details how an adult only child can deal with the finances of an aging parent.

WISH YOU WERE HERE: This summer 5,000,000 American children will head off to camp, and your only child may be one of them. Only Child talks about homesickness and how parents and children can learn to deal with it.

: Your only child is dying for a dog. You think it’s a wonderful idea. You begin to romanticize your child’s relationship with a canine friend. It will be like Timmy and Lassie, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Then reality bites and you picture pooper-scoopers, midnight walks, and infected ears. Consider the next best thing in a cat!

ADULT ONLY CHILDREN AND STRESS:If you are an adult only child with the responsibility of managing an elderly parent’s care, on any level, you know that you are often under stress. Sometimes, however, we get so caught up in just maintaining that we don’t understand how much pressure we’re really under until it’s too late and we become ill or depressed.

GET INVOLVED! MENTOR: President Clinton launched a national program to encourage adults to mentor the young. In his speech at the President’s Summit for America’s Future in Philadelphia, Clinton stated that he envisions, “an ongoing relationship with a caring adult or mentor “ for every at-risk child in the country.