Only Child Magazine Vol 1 No 4

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  • Interview with Nora Malone
  • The Single Parent’s Almanac
  • Money Talks!
  • Only Child Profile: Tiger Woods
  • Remember Us When We’re Gone


INTERVIEW WITH NORA MALONE: On the surface Nora is one of those only children who would seem to have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. The reality, however, is that Nora’s father was verbally abusive and her mother childlike and selfish. Nora was always so busy fighting for her identity that she didn’t have much time to think about what being an only child meant to her life. It is only recently that she has begun to understand its influence on who she now is.

THE SINGLE PARENT’S ALMANAC: They juggle work, child rearing, finances and if they’re lucky find a time to read a newspaper. Contemporary Houdinis? No, Single parents. One third of all American families are headed by a single parent, many of whom have an only child. But hope and help is out there. Single parents have been thrown an extraordinary “life preserver” in the form of “The Single Parent’s Almanac.”

MONEY TALKS! — A professional financial planner offers excellent advice about saving money for your only child’s college education.

ONLY CHILD PROFILE: He never had to fight with a to use the phone. He never had to share the television or a bedroom with a brother. He never had to worry about brothers and sisters. Period. Young Tiger Woods could just focus on becoming the best golfer in the world. “Growing Up As An Only Child Has Its Advantages.” A sportswriter with the “Kansas City Star” interviews Earl Woods (Tiger’s father) and other parents whose only children have made it “big” in sports.

REMEMBER US WHEN WE’RE GONE?: Recently, I read about Ellie Kahn and her oral history venture, Living Legacies. I was immediately taken by how important Kahn and others like her are to only children, especially adult only children. Ellie is a professional life historian, an expert at interviewing and recording the history and reminiscences of people whose stories might otherwise never be told or told only in bits and pieces.