Vol 2 #2 – Interview with Producer/Writer/Sportswoman: Mallory Tarcher, Divorce and the Only Child, The Other Side of Loss, Celebrity Only Child: Cole Porter, Get Help, New Connections – Divorce and the Only Child, Bookmarks: Maybe One by Bill McKibben, Off the Net

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Volume 2, Number 2


: Mallory is the only child of the late entertainer, puppeteer Shari Lewis, and publisher Jeremy Tarcher. Steeped in the entertainment business since she was born, Mallory began sitting in on story meetings for her mother’s show when she was only seven. Mallory talks extensively about how being an only child has enhanced her creative life and how she and her mother were able to maintain an extraordinary professional and personal relationship.

DIVORCE ~ THE OTHER SIDE OF LOSS: Dr. Carl Pickhardt helps us understand six common losses an only child can experience from divorce. He offers practical ways of helping children cope with those losses. Feeling an integral part of the parental marriage to a degree multiple children in a family usually do not, the only child often reacts to parental divorce more intensely because he or she has so much to lose. There are six common losses an only child can experience from divorce, but parents can help the child through the painful transition he or she is required to make.

GET HELP: “I like being an only child, and I am perfectly happy without siblings. But there is one thing I don’t like about being an only child. Now that I am older and see my parents getting older, I am worried about how I well I will be able to take care of them.” Here is an informative look at how Geriatric Care Managers can offer solutions to some of the adult only child’s care giving problems.

CONNECTIONS ~ DIVORCE AND THE ONLY CHILD: Only children can reinforce their sense of self even during the trauma of divorce. The time leading up to, during, and following a divorce is almost always confusing for both parents and children. Many factors affect all families facing divorce. Divorce is always a loss for a family, even if the long-term outcome is a positive one. How smoothly custody related issues are resolved, the degree of tension and combativeness between parents, and how quickly the separated families reconstitute themselves, all factor into how children experience the crisis of divorce. How does divorce impact the only child? Are there different issues that present themselves in families with one child?

“MAYBE ONE”: Bill McKibben is the parent of an only child, and after you read his powerful book you will understand the significance of his choice to us all. When I finished reading this book, I was in tears. At first I wasn’t sure what had made me cry. After all, a book about population and limiting family size to one child shouldn’t be an emotional experience. But it was for me, and a few hours later I understood my reaction. For the first time someone had spoken to me about population control in such a morally compelling way that I could finally put to rest my own residual guilt (although incredibly small) about being the parent of only child. “Maybe One” filled me with extraordinary pride because McKibben convinced me that by having one child, my husband and I have performed a truly unselfish act for an endangered planet.

OFF THE NET: Your letters and comments for and about only children.