Vol 4 #1 – The Power of One: Interview with Michelle Le Tourneau, Celebrating Your Singular Sensation, Make Your Move: The Challenges of Change, Keeping It Together: The Perfect Family Vacation, Wizard Off the Court: Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Dear Only Child

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Volume 4, Number 1


INTERVIEW WITH MICHELLE LE TOURNEAU: There is nothing stereotypical about college student Michelle LeTourneau. Our interview with her reveals an only child who is loving, outgoing, and thoroughly committed to her family. This is a girl who accepts great responsibilities but still knows how to have fun. She is secure and fearless, qualities we would like all children to have whether or not they have siblings. Michelle will make a difference in the world.

SINGULAR SENSATION: The parent of an only child, Cynthia Burns encourages parents to stop apologizing for having one child. Enjoyment is what it’s all about.

THE CHALLENGES OF CHANGE ~ RELOCATION: Sometimes our ambitions require making exciting but unnerving changes. Moving is one of those. Whether you are a family of three or five, changing homes is hard for everyone. Kids love consistency, and only children tend to expect it. For a number of reasons, relocating from one home to another can be particularly hard for an only child. A sense of “uprooting” can result because such change can challenge a number of birthrights the only child may hold dear. Dr. Carl Pickhardt takes some of the mystery out of helping only children accept change.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Once the move is finished, a family vacation may be in order. Summer is almost here and Club Meds around the world offer a variety of family-friendly vacations. An only child at Club Med can have as many playmates as he/she wants. Programs are available for kids of all ages, and mom and dad can have time to themselves while their child is thoroughly engaged in learning new skills and making friends.

ONLY CHILD PROFILE: Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, our “Only Child Profile,” has made an enormous difference both on and off the basketball court. While he has often been called the greatest basketball player in history, he is also a writer, actor, producer, and a tireless volunteer for numerous charities. His parents placed a premium on education and made certain that their only child did well in school. They were ambitious in the best way for Kareem, so he was ambitious for himself.

DEAR ONLY CHILD: Only Child offers advice and answers your questions.