Vol 5 #4 – Ten Things We Love About Her: Interview with Kirsten Smith, Music Lessons:The Support Your Child May Need, Only Child Goes to the Movies: Only Children Steal the Show, The World’s Mayor: RudolphGiuliani, Safety Nets: Long Distance Caregiving, Dear Only Child

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Volume 5, Number 4


INTERVIEW WITH KIRSTEN SMITH: Kirsten Smith is one of the youngest and most successful screenwriters in Hollywood. An only child whose parents nurtured her indpendent spirit, Kirsten and her writing partner, Karen McCullah Lutz, have created screen magic with 10 Things I Hate About You and last summer’s huge hit Legally Blonde. Kirsten tells us how being an only child helped launch her on a very successful writing career.

BEAUTIFUL MUSIC: Are you one of those parents who has considered music lessons for your child but think it’s going to take too much energy? Think again. Alexis Nicole makes it clear that playing an instrument helps kids concentrate and can even provide a respite from overly involved parents.

SCREEN SAVERS: Kirsten Smith opens our eyes to the many only children who appeared in movies in 2001. It’s a long list of varied characters, all of whom search for their own identity and struggle to make their mark on the world. Screenwriters love only children because they offer fewer distractions than kids with siblings.

THE MOST MARVELOUS MAYOR: Before September 11, who would have thought that we would idolize the prickly Rudy Giuliani? After all, he was the mayor New Yorkers loved to hate. But we found out how important only-child determination is when the going gets rough. Rudy gave us the love and comfort we needed to survive September 11th. He was our anchor, our hope. His humanity shone through the inhumanity of those awful days and made us feel somehow more secure.

MINIMIZE THE RISK: Adult only children often feel the burden of caring for aging parents more intensely than adults with siblings. Even when siblings don’t help out and cause problems, we tend to believe that there is safety in numbers. Actuallly, there is safety for only children in creating a support network for parents who live far from them. We give you tips on how to do it and give yourself some relief.

DEAR ONLY CHILD: Only Child answers your questions and offers advice.