Vol 6 # 1 – Designer Extraordinaire: Interview with Bill Lane, Prepare for Pre-School: Making the Right Choice, Travels with Grandparents, Queen of the Galaxy: Natalie Portman, Fight the Good Fight: Are You Your Child’s Sibling? Dear Only Child

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Volume 6, Number 1


INTERVIEW WITH BILL LANE: Bill Lane has had an enviable life as an only child. He is a sought-after interior designer who has decorated the homes and offices of some of this country’s most high-profile people. Bill’s parents were loving and supportive without being overly involved. As a result, Bill grew up to be a confident person who used his creativity to both satisfy his soul and build a successful business.

PRE-SCHOOL ~ MAKING CHOICES: How can parents choose the right pre-school for their only child? In any town there are always a number of choices. Debbie Koller, a veteran pre-school teacher, helps you examine your options with an objective eye.

TRAVELS WITH GRANDPARENTS: Contemporary grandparents don’t sit in rocking chairs watching the world go by, Instead, they are out and about, traveling, exploring, and often taking their grandchildren with them. Debra Eckerling researched some of the best ways to plan intergenerational travel.

QUEEN OF THE GALAXY: Talent, focus, determination, and strong values all define only-child Natalie Portman, the star of George Lucas’ Attack of the Clones. She has been acting since she was twelve, but her parents have raised her so well that she places more importance on her brain than her beauty. Now that she is a student at Harvard she is establishing her identity away from her parents and, like all college students, trying to figure out her place in the universe.

CHILD’S PLAY ~ ARE YOU YOUR CHILD’S SIBLING?: Without siblings at home, only children may engage their parents in the kinds of pitched battles usually reserved for siblings. If you find yourself thoroughly immersed in an irrational argument with your child, don’t worry, it’s only a temporary aberration. For a short time you are your only child’s sibling, and it will pass.

DEAR ONLY CHILD: Only Child answers your questions and offers advice.