Vol 6 #2 – Amazing Grace: Interview with Jessica Youd, Improvisational Genius: Taking Risks with Robin Williams, Is Your Child “Gifted?” Don’t be Fooled by Appearances!, Back to School: Making Homework Easy, Dear Only Child

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Volume 6, Number 2


INTERVIEW WITH JESSICA YOUD: Jessica Youd grew up happy to be an only child. She had a close relationship with her parents and enjoyed their attention. People think that only children are too self-centered to make good parents should get to know Jessica. Today she is the mother of three who credits being an only child with the stamina and patience it takes to raise three lively boys.

GREAT GIFTS: Parents of only children can be misled into thinking their child is gifted. Only children are around adults so much that they easily pick up adult mannerisms. This doesn’t mean that they are “gifted.” Psychologists have some criteria by which to measure a child’s intellectual abilities. But there are many different kinds of talents and numerous ways to be “gifted.”

DESTINY’S CHILD: Robin Williams is one comedian and actor who has never stood still. As the only child of wealthy but sometimes distant parents, he learned to entertain himself at an early age. Once he decided that the theater was his passion, nothing could stop him. His life has been one of opportunity and tests that he has sometimes failed. Williams has never lost his edge and keeps looking for new ways to be creative as an actor, father, and member of the human race.

WINNING THE HOMEWORK GAME: With school back in session, parents and kids want to know how to beat the homework blues and establish good habits that will last all year. Morgan Schwartz, director of a large independent middle school, tells parents and kids how to make easy work of homework.

DEAR ONLY CHILD: Only Child answers your questions and offers advice.