Vol 7 #1 – Life in Balance: Interviews with Will and Wendi Knox, In Focus: Oscar-Winner Adrien Brody Follows His Heart, Having One: The Joys and Demands, Taking Off: Your Only Child Can Fly Solo, Dear Only Child

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Volume 7, Number 1



INTERVIEW WITH WILL AND WENDI KNOX: Every family has its challenges. For Will and Wendi, the biggest hurdle was becoming a family in the first place.When they finally had their son Landon, it seemed miraculous. They adore their son but try not to treat him any differently than if they had more than one.

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART: Oscar-winner (in 2003 for “The Pianist”) Adrien Brody is an only child who was raised by a single parent. Energetic, talented, and persistent, Brody puts his heart and soul into all of his roles. He even gave up his apartment, car, and other possessions to more fully absorb the life of Wladyslaw Spilman, the Holocaust survivor he plays in “The Pianist.”

WHY HAVE ONE?: Psychologist Nina Asher writes about the characteristics of only-child families, their strengths and challenges. Having one is not less complicated than having two; it’s just different. Although “only childness” is not a psychological category nor a clinical syndrome, certain qualities seem to be characteristic of only children and their families.

TAKING OFF: PRECIOUS CARGO Many parents of only children have no choice but to put their child on a plane without them. This is difficult, especially in uncertain times. But Brendan McGlynn did his research and found out that the airlines are fully prepared to take excellent care of children who fly alone. So, if your only child has to take off while you stay at home, try not to worry. All will be well. An only child’s straight-forwardness and independence makes him a perfect candidate to fly on an airplane alone, which is not as uncommon as you would think. Whether for fun, a family emergency, or maintaining long-distance family bonds, a child flying solo has become so commonplace that most airlines have special kids’ clubs for Unaccompanied Minors (or UM’s in air-speak).

Dear Only Child: Only Child offers advice and answers your letters.