Vol 8 #3 – Singular Successes: Interviews with Ben and Barbara Jacobs, Everything in It’s Place: The Homework Struggle ~ Part II, Martial Arts Guru and Movie Star Jackie Chan, Only Children & Service Learning, Out and About: The Elusive Playdate, Dear Only Child

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Volume 8, Number 3


Interview with Ben and Barbara Jacobs
Ben’s parents divorced when he was eleven, and he and his mother have been a team ever since. Ben recently completed his first year at Yale and is spending this summer and next year at Beijing University in a Chinese language immersion program. His dream is to work at the Olympics in China in 2008. Barbara has always encouraged Ben’s interests and doesn’t make him feel guilty about spending time away from her.

A Place for Everything
In our last issue, Alexis White, co-owner of A-List Tutoring, wrote of the difficulties parents face when trying to help their kids with schoolwork. In this issue, she digs deeper into how kids can get and stay organized. Parents of only children, who tend to be hyper vigilant about what their kids are doing, need to help their child set up a system. Then they should take a step back and watch them take the reins.

Martial Arts Guru and Movie Star Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan is an only child who has always pushed himself to the limit. His consistently positive attitude and devotion to his craft have brought him phenomenal success and admiration around the world.

Service Learning
An only child who joins his family or school in helping the community takes the focus away from himself and places it on others. A child who pays greater attention to the world around him will have less need to have others pay constant attention to him. He will become more self confident and aware that his immediate wants may pale in comparison to what someone else requires.

Out and About
At one time or another, every parent of an only child has had to go on a scouting mission for a play date. In a world where few kids have built-in neighborhood playmates, even kids with siblings can start whining that they are bored and have no one to play with. But certainly parents of only children have to take a more active role in getting their child together with others. In “The Elusive Playdate,” Lori Sender expresses her frustration at having to act as her son’s matchmaker.

Dear Only Child ~ Off the Net
Only Child offers advice and answers your letters.