Vol 8 # 4 – Invasion of Your Child’s Privacy, The Empty Nest ~ When Your Only Child Is Off to School, 007 ~ Pierce Brosnan, Dear Only Child

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Volume 8, Number 4


Just the One
Jennifer Niesslein, Editor at Large ~ Co-founder of Brain, Child magazine, and her husband have one child. “It’s not something I make a fuss over because, to be honest, we don’t have big reasons—philosophical, environmental, medical—for holding the line at one kid. Also, when you make the decision not to do something, the story’s a little thin and the scenes behind that decision feel quiet, personal, and, well, slight.”

Invasion of Privacy
When only children become adolescents, parents wonder how much privacy to give their child. It’s a tightrope walk. Give too much and your child may think that there is no trust. Give too little and your child may think that you don’t care. Barbara Ruth Williams, Assistant Head and Director of Admissions at Village School in Pacific Palisades, California offers sound advice on this very important issue.

007 ~ Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan is an old-fashioned Hollywood star. An only child who had a difficult upbringing, Pierce was never bitter. Instead, he found refuge in the theatre where he could express his feelings in appropriate ways. Voted People Magazine’s, “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2001, Brosnan continues to make films that engage him, but he is also spending more time with his young family.

The Empty Nest
When an only child leaves home, things can feel empty but much is gained as well. Dr. Carl Pickhardt writes that the cure for parental sadness over a child leaving home is “parental gratitude.” He explains that as children become adults, parents must redefine their relationship with their child and be ready to treat them as grown-ups (or at least as “almost” grown ups).

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