Volume 9 #3

Interview with Larry Mantle


When Larry Mantle talks, Los Angeles listens. When Angelenos listen, they are entertained, informed, intrigued, and stimulated. Larry has been the host of KPCC’s AirTalk since 1985, the longest running daily talk program in the Los Angeles market. Larry is an eminently charming only child who possesses a global intelligence. He has a unique ability to ask probing questions of the most recalcitrant guests without alienating them. Those guests have ranged from Presidents of the United States, film stars, scientists, and Pulitzer Prize winning writers to local firefighters, police and educators. Larry tackles a remarkable variety of subjects on a daily basis and is an expert at distilling and communicating them to an incredibly diverse audience.

Club Med Ixtapa Pacific

Club Med Ixtapa Pacific is a heavenly Mexican hacienda-style all-inclusive resort nestled between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Guests choosing to vacation at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific can stay at the No.1 Top Hotel in Mexico for Families as ranked by Trip Advisor. Guests will enjoy spacious family rooms and activities from sailing and archery to the flying trapeze and salsa lessons. For a more relaxing experience, couples can dine at one of three restaurants, sip on cocktails under the stars, lounge by the pool or indulge in the full-service spa..

Summer Brain Drain

Ah summer…depending on what your family has planned, your only child may be spending long, hot days away at camp, day dreaming in a classroom in summer school, or hanging out with friends at home. Inevitably, summer brain drain will hit and most everything that your child has learned during the previous school year will melt away faster than a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream in 85-degree heat. Yes, summer learning loss is real. In fact, that loss equals at least one month of instruction…, especially in math and spelling. What’s to be done?

Why Only Children Can be Hard on Themselves

Whatever else an only child family may be, it is not usually laid back and relaxed. With first child and last child in one, parents take their parenting very seriously because the only child is the only chance at child-raising they get. Conscientious, deliberate, careful, forward looking, and highly responsible, they want to do right by their child and for the child’s future. In response to their loyal dedication, the child wants to do right by the parents too. In an only child family, parents and only child are trying very hard for each other.

Eldercare – You’re Not Alone

As their parents age, adult only children have special needs and concerns that often go unrecognized. The pressures, guilt, fears, and sense of loss that often come into play when elderly parents need help or are ill, particularly with diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, are inevitably the only child’s responsibility. Given the close relationships many only children have with their parents, these situations can be more painful and unrelenting in their demands than when shared with siblings. Many only children have older parents, so the reality of illness and death can present themselves sooner. Some only children in their twenties begin to think about how they will care for their parents in the future.


Only child answers your e-mails and offers advice. Since we started Only Child, we have received thousands of letters and emails from around the world. The mail continues to pour in from parents of only children, only children, friends of only children, grandparents of only children, and everyone in between have written to us about their joy, anxiety, confusion and concerns about the world of the only child. So much, that makes it difficult to respond to each letter individually. We do, however, try to incorporate many of those letters, concerns and of course advice into Dear Only Child